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Stations of the Cross for Children
A hands-on activity for kids ages 6-12

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The Franciscan Sisters of Our Lady of Perpetual Help (FSOLPH) are prayerful women dedicated to the mission of being a transforming presence in the world by compassionately and joyfully witnessing Gospel values. This community of women religious serves across the country in varied ministries, but with a common heart. Serving God’s children since 1901, the Franciscan Sisters are currently based in Kirkwood, Missouri. A special commitment to care for creation is expressed through their Franciscans for Earth movement, and their FFE Eco-Series of films, speakers and events offered monthly via Zoom.

Important Announcements

The Franciscan Sisters join other Women Religious in grieving the shooting in Colorado Springs

“As women of the Gospel, we stand in opposition to all forms of exclusion and violence committed against any member of the human family. There can be no tolerance for hate. We pledge ourselves to work for the change of structures and systems that promote messages and actions of violence, particularly those directed towards persons who lack freedom and are denied human dignity. Our faith requires something more of us. We are called to be instruments of peace.”

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Membership of Prayer Greeting Cards

On Earth Day 2021, we introducted six new Membership of Prayer acknowledgments. These full-size greeting cards are crisp, thick, glossy, work for many occasions, and have space for your short sentiment such as “Happy Graduation” or “With deepest sympathy.” To learn more about our one-year and perpetual Memberships of Prayer (suggested donation $5 and $25 respectively), and to view the full line of acknowledgement cards, Click HERE.

Butterfly-All shall be well
Butterfly-All shall be well
Butterfly-All shall be well
Butterfly-All shall be well
Butterfly-All shall be well
Butterfly-All shall be well

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