Franciscan Sisters of Our Lady of Perpetual HelpFranciscan Sisters of Our Lady of Perpetual Help FoundressesThrough the years since 1901 we have served where there was a need for the Gospel to be shared.

Our ministry was mobile, taking us to the cornfields, farms and plains of the Midwest, to coal mining towns of Southern Illinois and steel mills of West Virginia, to the heart of large cities like St. Louis, Chicago, and Omaha, to expanding suburbs, to missions in the Southwest and Native American reservations, to the Bayous of Louisiana.

Teachers were needed in Catholic schools – we were there. Nurses were needed in nursing homes and rehabilitation hospitals – we were there. Sisters were needed to bring integration to the South – we were there. An outreach presence among the poor was needed --- we were there.

Like our three Foundresses, Mother Hilaria, Mother Solana and Mother Ernestine, we went where the Gospel called us - no place was too far, no person was too lowly, no service was too humble.

Franciscan Sisters of Our Lady of Perpetual HelpCurrently we serve in diverse ministries and agencies in 12 states and Haiti.

“Sent into the whole world, they should give witness by word and work to God’s voice and make known to all that only God is all-powerful”

- Third Order Rule