Engage Our Passion

God desires us to be channels of love for all people and creatures of this earth.
With Francis of Assisi we desire to be channels of this love, to care for the vulnerable,
and to live simply in harmony with God, with others, with creation.
We invite you to being a relationship with us and to share in our passion.

Come & Be

There are many ways to come to the quiet, to put life on pause, to discover the Spirit’s whisperings within you & around you.

We invite you to come and be with us. Perhaps God is drawing you to one of these experiences.

  • Contact us so we can help you find a spiritual director who can companion you on your spiritual journey.
  • Like us on Facebook
  • Check out the Franciscans For Earth Eco-Series on our events page.
  • Choose quiet time in your living space and/or go to a park or nature setting and listen to what creation tells you.
  • Turn off your phone and media and become comfortable with silence.
  • Let God love you and love those around you.

Call us at 314-965-3700 to inquire about any of these “Come & Be” opportunities.

Come & Serve

Volunteering can be on a regular basis or occasionally as fits your schedule.

There are many gifts and many ways to serve with us. 

  • Assist us with office tasks, with mailing, stuffing envelopes, sorting and shredding papers at our Tau Center office in Kirkwood.

Come & See

As Franciscans we love to celebrate and share life.

We invite you to see who we are, what we are about and to share life with us.

  • Participate in our events and retreats
  • Like us on Facebook and experience what we are up to, what we read, what engages us and brings us joy, how we hope to bring the Gospel to life
  • Be more open to ways God is inviting you to fullness of life and to share your gifts.
  • Become more involved with Franciscans where you may be.
  • Consider the amazing possibility that God may be calling you to become a Franciscan Sister. See information below.

“Most high, glorious God, cast you light into the darkness of my heart. Give me right faith, firm hope and perfect charity with humility and wisdom, Lord, so I may do what is your holy and true will.”

– St. Francis’ Prayer before the Crucifix



Becoming a Franciscan Sister

Could God be calling you to be a Franciscan Sister?

  • Continue to pray and seek a closer relationship with God.
  • Find a spiritual guide who can help you hear God’s voice. To find a spiritual guide/director call us at 314-965-3700
  • Contact a group of Sisters who have captured your interest.

Process of Becoming a Sister

During this process you would be companioned and directed by a Sister who has special background in assisting women discern their call and in teaching women about being a Sister.

  • First spend time getting to know the Sisters for an extended time – pray with them, hang out with them, go to dinner with them, serve with them.
  • If this goes well and God is in it, they will invite you to live with them for about a year. You would still go to your usual job, keep contact with family and friends and learn the life of the Sisters.
  • Next you make a formal application and enter a year of more formal study and commitment.
  • Then would be two intensive years of preparation called The Novitiate. You would be called “Sister,” continue to study, pray, and minister to God’s people.
  • You would then pronounce first vows of poverty, chastity and obedience. Three to five years later, you would pronounce final vows and receive the ring as a symbol of your lifelong commitment as a Sister. 

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