February FFE Eco-Speaker Maggie McCoy via Zoom

Stick a Fork in Food Waste!

Food waste makes up nearly 22% of the waste we send to landfills. What are options, from field to fridge, to change this situation? Facts plus encouraging, practical and money-saving actions.
— February Speaker, Maggie McCoy
Education & Volunteer Coordinator | EarthWays Center of Missouri Botanical Garden

As the Education Coordinator at EarthWays Center, Maggie McCoy provides programs to K-12 students on the topics of waste reduction, storm water management, and energy efficiency. She also trains teachers on bringing these same topics into their classrooms. Since reducing wasted food is a passion of Maggie’s, she provides classes on reducing waste at home and at work through adult classes and is part of the OneSTL committee that works to address wasted food in the region.
Maggie, formerly having worked at both the St. Louis Zoo and Endangered Wolf Center, has an extensive history in conservation, education, and sustainability education. She graduated from Loyola University in Chicago with a Bachelor of Science in Biology and a Master in Secondary Education. Maggie loves being able to connect people to information and skills that will help them make more sustainable choices.

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