“Blessed are we whose hearts are filled with love, who sing praises to You with grateful hearts!”  Ps. 84

There is a boutique in town called ‘Never Enough’.  Really?  Never enough!  How can that be?  We are showered dally with blessings from our God.  But we just forget to take stock of those on-going blessings.  By counting our blessings we will feel less stressed and the experts say that we even sleep better!

Years back Oprah challenged her viewers to write down three things each day that they were grateful for.  If you took the challenge, you know that it makes a world of difference in your outlook.  You are always on the lookout for your blessings and sensitized to the goodness and kindness that comes your way.  You see things you never noticed before like the red berries appearing on the holly bushes, the young girl pushing an elderly gentleman in his wheel chair (grandpa, perhaps), the cashier who waited patiently for the wheelchair bound handicapped person to get her money out of her purse and then made sure that she could manage her purchases or the person who smiles and compliments you on your kindness to someone.  Saint Francis of Assisi saw ALL as gift that is why he could not find enough words to address God.  He would say, “ Most High Glorious God.”  He prayed, “You Who alone are good, all good, supreme good, totally good,  may we give You all praise, all glory, all thanks, all honor; all blessing. . .”  Writing down the three things is the best but even taking a moment before you close your eyes each day will work.  But you have to be faithful and make it a habit.  Even on a rotten day, you have to encourage yourself to find that one thing that is going right.  So pour yourself a glass of wine or a cup of tea and pause to look into your heart.

There is blessing, grace and gratitude tucked in there.  Breathe it in.

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