The Holiday frenzy has begun.  There are presents to buy, plans to be made, gifts to wrap, trips to plan, cleaning to be done, decorating to do and the list goes on.  But amid all this, there is a deeper thing going on.  Christmas, oh yes, Christ.  How does this Christmas scene fit into the frenzy?  What do you see when you look at the scene of Baby, Mary, Joseph, Shepherds, sheep, Kings, dogs, goats, chickens and hay?  It certainly is a menagerie of life.  There is the family in the barn being warmed by the animals.  Heavens, the Baby is nestled in cow’s food trough!  But there is a Peace here, a Peace no one can really explain.  But it feels so good to be here with this little crew of family and God’s creatures.

Although there was no room for them in the Inn they have made the best of the situation.  Along come the Shepherds who followed the song of the Angels.  They are tired, dirty and smelly just like their sheep.  What a bunch!  But they are welcomed because the family knows the pain of rejection.  In great contrast, the Kings arrive on the scene.  They have studied the heavens.  They are astrologers and know that there is glory in the Star.  They follow, they find, they bow and they offer.  The family offers them warm welcome in contrast to the present reigning king.  There is Peace here, a Peace no one can really explain.

Take the time to peer into the stable and See.  See that Love came down not long ago but now for you.  God is not far away in the heavens.  He is here.  He is in you and wants to be present to you in your everyday life.  Believe it or not he is in the frenzy, in the presents, in the quiet moment, in the lit tree, in the delight of the Season.  There is a Peace here, a Peace no one can really explain.