Triduum Novena to Our Lady of Perpetual Help, June 24-27, 2020

Novenas have a very long tradition in the Catholic Church. These prayers, generally repeated for nine days, can be through the intercession of any number of icons or saints. When our three foundresses realized that they had each chosen to pray their novena through Our Lady of Perpetual Help when discerning whether to start a new community, Our Lady became the namesake. Please join us in this three-day novena, culminating with a special song on the fourth day, the Feast of Our Lady of Perpetual Help.

Prayer to Our Lady of Perpetual Help

Mother of Perpetual Help, today we face so many difficulties. Your picture tells us so much about you. It reminds us to reach out and help those in need. Help us understand that our lives belong to others as much as they belong to us. Mary, model of Christian love, we know we cannot heal every ill or solve every problem. But with God’s grace, we intend to do what we can. May we be true witnesses to the world that love for another really matters. May our daily actions proclaim how fully our lives are modeled after yours, Mother of Perpetual Help.

Mary, you were a woman of steadfast faith. Your faith in Jesus never wavered. Model of all believers, pray to the Holy spirit for us. Help us not only to accept all your Son teaches us, but to put that teaching into practice.

Mother of Perpetual Help, as a child, Jesus ran to you for comfort and reassurance. You did not see him as only a frail child. Moved by the Holy Spirit, you accepted Jesus as the Son of the Most High, the long-awaited Messiah. Following your example of faith, help us recognize Jesus in those we meet, especially the poor and the lonely, the sick and the elderly, and people of all ethnicities and faiths. Keep us always mindful, dear Mother, that whatever we do to the least of our brothers and sisters, we do to your loving Son. May his words lie in our hearts and influence our lives and the lives of those we meet.



  • What word(s) came to your mind and heart today as you read the prayer? Reflect on these words as you gaze at the icon.
  • Is the Holy Spirit inspiring you today? Reflect on positive ways to live out the action/s inspired by the Holy Spirit.

Closing Prayer

Mary, woman of faith, you pondered and treasured the meaning of God’s words and actions in you life. You generously responded to His Word in faith. As we have listened to God’s Word and contemplated your image, help us to be attentive to His message. May the Holy Spirit enlighten our understanding, and give us the courage to put these words into practice.

O Mother of Perpetual Help, intercede for us! Amen.